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How to manually set up the Dodo account on iPhone?

Dodo is a well-known email service provider used by millions of users. Its innovative features and services have made a great impact and attracted many. But just like any other email client services, Dodo is also not immune to issues. Users find difficultly accessing Dodo account on their iPhone and seek expert’s help. Here, Dodo Support provides the simplest way to set up on an Apple iPhone. Carefully follow the guidelines given below on your device and reach your goal: 

  • On the home screen of Apple phone, tap the Settings app icon.
  • Choose Mail and select Accounts.
  • Tap on the Add account option and then you have to Choose Other from the menu.
  • Choose Add Mail account and input your Name, Email & Password.
  • Click the Next button and choose IMAP.
  • Now, you need to scroll down to the Incoming Mail server and input all the appropriate information. For the Outgoing Mail server, do the same you did for incoming one. Once done, choose Next.
  • Notice that User Name is the full email ID. Credentials for both Incoming and Outgoing servers should be the same.
  • Incoming Mail Server Host Name:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Host Name:
  • A prompt may appear to ask you to verify the servers- tap Continue for each or select Details and then select Trust.
  • Tap the Save button and select the new account you have just created.
  • Select the SMTP server and check the SMTP settings. Once done, tap on Done.
  • You must use  as the Outgoing Mail Server Host Name for DODO.COM.AU.
  • User Name you have to use is Full DODO.COM.AU email ID
  • Password should be entered is Your email password
  • SSL should be turned on. It can be disabled and you can use the correct Port number as below.
  • Outgoing (SMTP) Secure – Port: 465 for & Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
  • Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Secure – Port: 587 & Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
  • Outgoing (SMTP) – Port: 25 & Security Type: None (Accept all certificates)
  • Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Insecure – Port: 587 & Security Type: None (Accept all certificates)
  • Authentication is Password
  • Server Port: 25

So you are finally done with setting up your email account on your Apple device. If you still having some glitches then connect with our specialists to seek help. Any problem coming across your will be eliminated by our experts in the easiest way. Contact Dodo Support Australia by dialing the Dodo helpline number or dropping your queries to the email box. For immediate response, you can also use Live Chat services.