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How to set up a Dodo email in Windows 10 Mail?

Dodo webmail service is known for the best email services available around the globe. It is one of the most trustworthy email services. People can share their important documents, file, photos, and videos to the recipient. As compared to other email domain Dodo has a smart and easy interface that makes people access the options. You can do download and install Dodo webmail on your iOS or Android device to comfortably manage your email account. However, you can access it directly on the web anytime. It is a free mailing site that requires username and password to access an individual account.  

Here follow the steps to set up your Dodo email on Windows 10 Mail-

  • On your Windows 10 Mail, go to the Accounts and tap on the menu that appears and select Add Account.
  • Choose the Advanced setup option.
  • Then click on the Advanced Setup screen, and then select Internet email.
  • Now enter your email address in the field and enter a password.
  • Tap on Account Name that you’ll remember.
  • Then enter your name in the send message using this name field.
  • For Incoming email server, enter
  • On the Account type options choose POP3
  • Then on the outgoing email server field choose

The aforementioned steps will help you to set up the Dodo email on your device. If anyhow you are unable to set up the account, dial our toll-free number and give us a call at Dodo Internet Support Australia. We are the third party company which has no direct link with Dodo or other company. We provide a technical solution to the customers to solve their queries and tech-related issues. We have a team of experts who make sure that the customer receives all the solutions to their queries at once. Our executives are friendly they will guide you through the whole process or steps to solve the issues. You can even contact us via virtual chat and seek our services.