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How To Delete Messages From The Dodo Mail Account ?

Communicating via emails and fax has become one of the important features of the modern-day world. Dodo emailing and internet service is one of the most popular names in the field of emailing and internet services. However, like any other emailing service Dodo mail account also face certain glitches or issues like technical issues in creating/editing your email signature, moving messages from one folder to another, increasing no of messages one folder to another folder, thread limit setting, creating contact list, way to delete contacts, changing interface email language and internet connecting issues. This is the time when Dodo technical support comes into the picture to solve all your queries. One of the most frequently asked questions is about how can a person delete dodo mail account messages? If you are worried about the same question then keep reading this informative blog.

Steps to delete messages from the Dodo mail account are as follows:-

It is obvious that everyone wants to see his/ her mailbox well-managed and organized. Like any other mail, service Dodo allows you to add those extra mails into the trash box so that you could manage your mailbox in an easy way.

  • You need to sign up for your email account with the username and password.
  • Choose and click the folder (inbox, sent, drafts) from which you want to delete messages.
  • Select the option more on the top of the screen in order to delete one or more messages.
  • Have a look at the menu which shows select all and tick mark the messages you want to move to trash.
  • The messages you have selected will go to trash and you will no longer able to see them in important messages.

These are the tips to delete unwanted messages from the Dodo mail account in an easy way. If it all you require more elaborated information about the same then feel free to connect with Dodo Internet Support Australia anytime. Our expert and professional team will assist you with all possible ways and means. Understanding the urgency of your issue is the topmost priority of our specialists. You can have a word with us through emails, live-chats and phone calls as per your preference and comfort zone.