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Focus on Internet Performance Speed

Google’s Head Performance Engineer, Steve Souders, recently performed an analysis of internet trends and speeds, and the influence that these metrics have on the ultimate experience and engagement of users.

Souders discovered positive trends in faster sites, but also found larger page sizes and increased non-HTML components could offset these positives.

In addition, Souders’ examination indicated a relationship between user response and page loads, even when connections are made over the same ISP.

Research by Bing, examining the effects of latency, has shown that additional delays in server speed of just one second decrease the revenue per-user by 1.8%. Income is negatively affected by 4.3% when just two seconds of delay is experienced.

This has proven the widely-accepted mindset that seconds are significant in conversion rates.

Mozilla has shown that donations to the campaign of Barack Obama increased by 14% when the load speed of the website was improved by 60%.

The internet has been increasing in velocity because browser manufacturers have been specifically optimising their browsers for speed.

A shift is also being noted in more embedded video being used in web content.

“Video performance is an area that we are going to need to focus on going forward,” Sourder believes.