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Fix ‘unable to receive emails’ error on Dodo Profile

Are you unable to send your email but receive them on your Dodo account? Have you tried all the ways but couldn’t fix this issue? Well, you have landed the right place to get help. It doesn’t matter, you are a new user or using the Dodo email service for long, you can face this issue anytime. If you know the right process, it can be fixed easily. Our technical team here provides few checks that you can follow:

  1. Firstly, check the incoming mail server settings. These settings are used by an email client to get emails. In the profile settings for your email, the setting should be exactly as given below:
  2. Incoming mail server: use
  3. Type: It should be POP3
  4. Port: Use 110 as a port
  5. Authentication Required: Use Yes for this
  6. Username: Mailbox username (without
  7. Password: Mailbox password
  8. Use SSL: It should be No

Make sure the username & password of Dodo should be correct. Now send an email to yourself to check if your problem is fixed. If not then move ahead:

  • Remake your connection: You are suggested to delete & re-make the connection in your email client.  Also, note that on some email clients removing mailbox setting may remove all the emails on your system. So back up your emails before you remake the connection.
  • If your problem is still not fixed, go to
  • Sign in to your profile using the email address & password.
  • Using the compose button, try to send an email to yourself & click the Check Mail option.
  • It independently sends & receives an email completely from your system.

If this test is successful, then the problem lies with the email client on your computer system. You can also test a second email client or contact technical support for the software. There are chances that your internet connection has some problem, contact the Dodo Internet Support Australia team for help. To reach our experts, dial our helpline number & get instant responses. Our highly-experienced technicians are always geared up to help you and provide 100% satisfactory responses.